Abcentra is a clinical-stage bio-pharmaceutical company that addresses unmet needs in inflammation by targeting oxidized lipoproteins

Why Abcentra

Therapies that target and treat inflammation are an important tools in the fight against inflammatory diseases. However, traditional immunomodulating biological drugs (IBDs) are limited in reach and may have severe side effects like infections, cancer and death.

By targeting more specific mechanisms of inflammation with more biological specificity, we can reach a greater therapeutic population without the side effects and safety concerns associated with systemic immunological targets.

Commitment to Advancing
New Medical Therapies

Abcentra is committed to bringing the latest breakthroughs in inflammation therapy to patients with serious inflammatory diseases, including diseases for which no treatments currently exist.

Backed by Decades
of Experience

Abcentra is built on technology developed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Lund University and rooted in decades of scientific experience. Our team is comprised of dedicated physicians and drug developers who work tirelessly to improve the lives of patients.

Leveraging Novel Science
and Innovation

Abcentra’s groundbreaking and patent-protected research allows for direct targeting of inflammatory responses from oxidized lipoproteins,  providing a new tool in the fight against inflammatory diseases.

Our Pipeline

Abcentra is developing a pipeline of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies for serious inflammatory diseases where medical treatments are either not available or better options are needed.