Abcentra’s Goal in Treating Accelerated Atherosclerosis 

Wednesday October 23, 2019

Scientists from Abcentra recently contributed to a study published in the American Heart Association Journals, which found an increase in cardiovascular risk when key immune cell participation is lost while treating atherosclerosis with immunotherapy. But what is atherosclerosis?

Atherosclerosis occurs when substances such as fats, cholesterol, and immune cells build up on a patient’s artery walls, restricting blood flow to vital organs and tissues. In rheumatological patients, atherosclerosis is accelerated due to chronic inflammation, leading to a higher risk of heart attack; we call this ‘accelerated atherosclerosis.’ Current treatment options for accelerated atherosclerosis are limited and, given the disease characteristics, must encompass the immune nature of the condition. Immunosuppressive treatment options can accelerate the progression of atherosclerosis leading to cardiovascular disease, high-risk side effects, and even death. 

This is critical in demonstrating the important interplay of the immune system in atherosclerosis. Understanding the risks and benefits associated with these therapies will increase patient quality of life and save lives. 

As noted, few treatment options for accelerated atherosclerosis currently exist. New treatments are necessary to improve the lives of patients. Abcentra is developing a portfolio of antibody therapeutics targeting oxidized low-density lipoprotein (oxLDL), often a critical mediator of inflammation. Through direct targeting of oxLDL, Abcentra hopes to alleviate symptoms and treat underlying inflammation found in accelerated atherosclerosis, creating a fuller life for patients and reaching patients where no treatment options currently exist. Orticumab is our lead candidate and is the first and only fully-human monoclonal antibody of its kind targeting oxLDL. Orticumab has a favorable safety rating in the 250 subjects tested to date, with the three- to four-week half-life expected of an antibody.

Abcentra believes there are better treatment options for accelerated atherosclerosis. We are working to bring that treatment to patients. For more information about Abcentra, read about our science, view our pipeline and follow our blog to learn more about Abcentra and other treatment options currently in development.