The New Medical Frontier

Wednesday October 30, 2019

Understanding the Mechanism of Disease for Better Care

By Bert Liang, M.D., P.h.D.

The high cost of health care is not a new discussion. Each day, we are inundated with heartbreaking stories of patients without access to essential therapies due to rising costs or the inability to pay momentous medical bills.

As a public, it is clear we recognize this challenge; however, despite years of discussion, we have not yet been able to create a workable solution that lowers the cost of care, increases access and ultimately gives patients better outcomes.

Perhaps part of the challenge is that we are seeking a silver bullet solution — a one-stop policy answer that will cost less, bring a better quality of life and fix an inherently broken system. To date, plans have focused on shifting cost structures or establishing better regulation, attempting quick, far-reaching solutions to a complex problem. This doesn’t work.